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Government Approves Plan to Redesign Rawalpindi's Kutchery Chowk

A new plan for rebuilding Kutchery Chowk has been authorized by the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) to accommodate the maximum flow of traffic at the garrison city's key junction. In 24 months, the project will be finished without necessitating the closure of traffic on the major square.

Under the supervision of Planning and Development Board Chairman Abdullah Khan Sumbal, the board meeting was called to approve the new design. Commissioner Noorul Amin Mengal and Dr. Habibul Haq Randhawa, Chief Engineer of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), presented the design to the Chairman.

With the completion of the Kharian Motorway, which will connect to the Grand Trunk Road and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, a flyover will be constructed to handle vehicles entering from the Rawat side. It will give 131,500 automobiles easy access on a daily basis, which was previously restricted to 100,00. Due to the addition of the flyover and a 25% rise in the price of construction materials, the project's cost increased from Rs. 4.879 billion to Rs. 6.422 billion.

The best choice was chosen after consulting all stakeholders, he said. RDA has updated PC-I due to the revised scope, adding a Y-shaped flyover to aid traffic from Rawat to Saddar, Saddar to Rawat, and Marrir Chowk to Rawat.

Nespak won a bid to solve traffic congestion. Nespak had been trusted with the task through the bidding to provide the best design for the issue.

In conclusion, he added that the planned enhancement would enable uninterrupted two-way traffic along GT Road (N-5) near Kutchery Chowk, benefiting daily commuters and reducing delays and fuel usage.

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