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Government Urged to Promote Low-Cost Housing

A three-day International Housing Expo 2022 was conducted in Islamabad by the Ministry of Housing & Works along with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI)

The session not only catered to the general public but also included a session regarding "low-cost housing and financing frameworks." Queries regarding real estate development, housing societies, and businesses involved in the production of construction materials were also answered.

The low-cost housing and financing framework talked about affordable housing needs: realities, options, action, and urban governance, urban development, and regulation of the housing sector.

The panelists highlighted the current issues, and challenges, as well as the potential of these initiatives for the future.

Former National Assembly standing committee on housing Chairman Mr. Haroon said the government had a single duty to establish an efficient regulatory system to ensure the removal of barriers to the growth of the housing sectors, but because that hadn't happened, slums and "kachi abaadis" had sprung up all over the nation.

Major General (r) Amer Aslam Khan, acting chairman of the Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority, stated that during the previous three years, the authority had made significant efforts to provide the public with affordable housing.

He claimed that in addition to addressing the housing needs of low- and middle-income groups, the NPHDA was working to revive the construction industry, digitize cadastral land records, create master plans for important cities, and implement a one-window system for the approval of digital projects.

The stallholders expressed appreciation for the expo's holding and noted that it not only assisted them in marketing their goods and services but also brought attention to opportunities for real estate investment across the country as well as problems and issues that needed to be solved.

To ensure the housing sector's growth and to boost the economy, they urged the government to develop clear, amiable, and flexible policies.

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