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Here's How to Verify Your Punjab Property Tax Online [2022]

The Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department of Punjab offer services for the effective and efficient collection of a variety of taxes and charges, and it also makes recommendations for higher resource mobilization in Punjab. The formation of a taxpaying culture, giving the general public access to facilities for tax payment, and increasing the confidence of the taxpayer are top priorities.

This blog provides a brief summary and guides for how you can verify your Punjab Property Tax online. It summarizes the key features of our tax system in Punjab. Property owners must have a solid understanding of taxes because they are a complicated matter. This covers not only the tax rates but also details on the taxing bodies, as well as the location and timing of the tax deposit.

Taxes in Punjab:

The Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department is the governing body for the monitoring of taxes in Punjab. It deals with the following:

  • Federal Fees Collection

  • Registration of Motor Vehicles

  • Income Tax and Fee Collection in the Province

  • Dealer Vehicle Registration System for Customer

  • The exciseDealer Vehicle Registration System for Dealers

  • Auctions of Attractive Registration Marks

Property Tax Calculator:

Following are the steps you can follow to calculate the property tax online:

  1. Click Property Tax Calculator

  2. Select the category of your property from Find Your Category in the menu option

  3. Choose your District

  4. Once the district is selected, a list of categories will open in a new tab according to your locality

  5. Use the calculator to calculate tax

Filling Out Occupier’s Information Section:

  1. Select the region of your property

  2. Specify the number of portions

  3. From the drop-down menu, select the Building Type

  4. Enter the covered area (in sq ft, marla, sq yard, kanal, or acre)

  5. Confirm if you are the owner or if the property is rented

  6. Click Add to proceed to the next section

Fill in the Information Required for the Calculation of the GARV Section:

  1. Add the total area of the land

  2. Mention the year of construction and select the category

  3. Enter the locality of the property

  4. Click the “calculate tax” button

  5. The total tax will be displayed in a pop-up window

Calculating the Tax of Luxurious Houses:

  1. Open the Property Tax Calculator

  2. Choose the Luxury House Tax from the category

  3. In the new window, choose the district and total land of the property

  4. Click the Calculate Tax button and the tax will be displayed.

Property Tax Procedure:

  1. Request a PT-1 record by submitting an application.

  2. Application from the registered property owner on plain paper with the attached court fee.

  3. Attach a copy of the applicant’s CNIC.

  4. Attach a copy of the currently paid tax slip.

Time and Method:

  1. The property tax is deposited with a 5 percent tax refund for the ongoing fiscal year or before September 30th.

  2. The tax should be paid within 30 days after the Demand notice and submission of the challan form.

  3. The tax must be deposited with treasury to the State Bank, or one of the assigned branches of the National Bank of Pakistan.

  4. Payment can be made through cheque to the designated bank in favor of the tax officer or the required district service according to the challan form.

Rebate and Surcharge:

  1. If the annual tax is paid in the form of a one-time single payment or before reaching September 30th then there is a discount of 5 percent of that paid tax amount.

  2. If the annual tax is paid after September 30th then there is a surcharge of 1 percent which will be applied at the start of every month after the due date of tax payment.


  1. Residential property of area less than 5 marlas except for category A

  2. Property not receiving annual rents more than Rs. 4320

  3. A single home used by the owner does not increase rent annually by more than Rs. 6480

  4. Structures owned by widows, orphans, and disabled people are free from taxation up to Rs. 12,150

  5. Buildings up to one Kanal owned/occupied by federal or retired government employees

We hope this blog will help you assess your property tax, calculate it and how you can register or fill out the forms respectively. Feel free to contact the Iridium Real Estate team for more updates.

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