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Islamabad Airport Metro Faces Even More Delay

The launch of the Orange Line Islamabad Airport Metro is going to be delayed even further, according to the latest development.

The sources claim that 'unresolved issues' are causing a direct problem to the formal launch of the project, which is also causing a huge financial loss to the government in terms of subsidy.

A senior government official further added that the delay is also caused due to the contractor as the infrastructure development remains incomplete.

"Infrastructure development has not completed the trials of elevators, escalators and automatic glass doors at the platforms, which are all currently non-functional right now," the source stated.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has already altered the Airport Metro's schedule due to the ongoing business tussle between operators of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service and operators of Airport Metro.

Around 30 Orange Line busses arrived in Islamabad more than a month ago and since then, they have been collecting dust as the infrastructure is still not operational. Of these 30 busses, 10 will be dedicated to Blue Line whereas five will be allocated to Green Lines.

Civic body sources have claimed that delays have incurred a huge loss at the airport route as the operators are charging Rs. 405 per kilometer from CDA. Not only that but they are also threatening to file a lawsuit for the delay in contract signing.

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