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Islamabad Expressway Expansion Approved by CDA

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board has given green light to Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) for the expansion of the Islamabad Expressway from PWD to Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road.

The CDA board discussed various matters which included discussing a bid worth around Rs. 11 billion of the FWO for expanding 7 kilometers of the Expressway.

It was also discussed that the two-lane highway will be modified and the new patch will consist of four lanes instead. The Sohan Bridge expansion was also a topic on the agenda.

The completion of the project is expected to be within 18 months. In regards to the bids, the CDA called upon bids from government firms where National Logistics Cell (NLC) quoted Rs. 11.7 billion while FWO quoted Rs. 10.9 billion. Since FWO's bid was lower, the CDA accepted FWO's proposal.

It is worth stating that Islamabad Expressway starts from Faisal Mosque and the road has already been widened till Koral and PWD stop. While the traffic runs smoother till there, the congestion starts because, from there onward, the road narrows down to two lanes.

The project will be started once FWO wraps up the expansion of a portion of the road from Korang Bridge to PWD, which is around 2 kilometers.

Via Dawn

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