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Ministry Completes Over 22,000 Low-Cost Houses for WWF & AF

The Ministry of Housing and Works has completed 3,564 and 18,499 low-cost housing units for Workers Welfare Fund and Akhuwat Foundation respectively, under Federal Government’s low-cost housing project.

According to APP, the Ministry told that around 150,712 low-cost housing units were under construction across the country under different housing projects by provincial governments. The balloting details of these housing projects are as follows

  • 1,508 of WWF in Zone-5 Islamabad

  • 4,000 of LDA Lahore

  • 2,000 of Farash Town CDA Islamabad

  • 839 units of Raiwand, Sargodha, and Chiniot

  • 300 units of PHA Jalozai, Nowshehra KPK have been conducted.

The cases of 9,563 applicants who were chosen in the balloting for the housing units still under construction were in housing finance. According to the sources, development authorities are working alongside the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) and Workers Welfare Fund to implement low-cost housing projects.

In a question about G-14/1, the Ministry answered that the people who were affected had approached Islamabad High Court and filed a petition to assess and measure illegally built-up properties BUPs. They further added that the case was still pending, and the hearing was held every second or third day.

The court has ordered that the Sector G-14/2 BUPs measurement be completed first. FGEHA has requested Islamabad High Court to instruct members of the committee of affectees to coordinate daily for the measurements of illegal and legal BUPs of Sub Sector G-14/1.

According to sources, the entry was denied to the FGEHA and its survey team by the locals of the area, no work has been completed by the FGEHA in the area. They said that to meet their basic requirements and gain access to both residential and commercial properties, residents may have carried out work independently or through another department.

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