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Property Transfer Biometric Verification to be Launched by NADRA

The two governing bodies in Pakistan — National Database and Registration and Capital Development Authority (NADRA) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) — have both joined hands for the development of a comprehensive Biometric Verification System (BVS).

The agreement between both parties was inked at NADRA headquarters between NADRA Chairman Mr. Tariq Malik and CDA Chairman Mr. Amir Ali Ahmed.

Speaking after the agreement signing, Tariq Malik said that citizens are now better equipped to handle the transition phase.

"With the rollout of NADRA digital ecosystem anchored in digital ID, citizens are becoming better equipped to exercise their rights and to prove with unprecedented certainty who they are, in both physical and virtual reals," said Tariq.

This initiative will help in aiding the process of selling, purchasing, and transferring properties in the capital city. Additionally, the BVS will also eradicate help in eradicating fraud from the real estate sector.

"Biometric authentication is unique identity brings transparency in property transfers. NADRA has the capacity to verify the citizens and their family members biometrically to address the challenges faced by any organisation," he further added.

The digitization of the process will eliminate the affidavit system and instead, it will all be done through biometrics. The unlawful activities will be completely eradicated as the BVS will help in ensuring the identity of the buyers and sellers. Transparency is the key!

Tariq lastly added that the deployment of BVS will not only bring transparency to the CDA system but also fulfill the compliance of know-your-customer (KYC) in property transactions.

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