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RDA to Hire International Firm for Validation of Rawalpindi Ring Road Routes

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has started the process of recruiting a reputable private company to carry out a third-party verification of two potential Rawalpindi Ring Road routes.

A conference held in the Commissioner's office was led by Chief Engineer of RDA Dr. Habib Randhawa where the firms were invited to answer their concerns.

Despite the fact, that the project was based on town planning, the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) objected during the conference that RDA did not request bids from town planners. They urged RDA to scrap the bids and accept fresh proposals from engineering and town planning companies.

Answering the objections of PCATP, RDA Authorities stated that, Phase 1 was all about engineering and road design, while phase 2 was focused on preliminary land use sketch and concept with feasible financial and technical possibilities for an economic corridor next to the ring road. Thus, it is not exclusively for town planning.

Rs. 90 million has been set aside for the two phases:

  • Rs. 30 million for Phase I

  • Rs. 60 million for Phase II

Lately, Punjab Government has opted to hire an international firm that will be working on the project in two phases: Phase 1 will determine the ideal route and the economic corridor. A detailed plan for the use of the land would be done in Phase 2.

After PM Shabaz Sharif's recent visit to UAE, the Federal Government has signed up for five mega projects to attract foreign investment. These projects include,

1. Parco coastal refinery Phase-I oil import terminal

2. Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway

3. Rawalpindi Ring Road

4. Karachi Circular Railway

5. The connectivity of Thar Block-II with the railway network.

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